MWF 12:20pm – 1:15 pm Early Fielding 109


Winter 2017 Schedule
Week Day Date Topic Theory Texts
Week I Mon 09-Jan Introduction: Miller Lite & Anheuser Busch’s reaction Simple Models, Complex Strategies Hotelling
Wed 11-Jan Basics: PC & Monopoly chalk-and-talk
Fri 13-Jan basic models, continued
4pm Economics Seminar
Room TBA
Disrupters in the Auto Industry: Tesla, Uber, Google?
Week II Mon 16-Jan MLK DAY NO CLASS Commemoration at First Baptist details pending
Beer Production YouTube video (National Geographic Ultimate Factory)
Mon 19-Jan What is Beer? class discussion
Wed 21-Jan
Wed 21-Jan
Week III
Blogging: Zheng, Watson, Tucker
Mon 23-Jan Beer as a High Tech Industry Ogle Chapters 1-3
first paper due
class discussion
Wed 25-Jan Oligopoly: Cournot & Bertrand
Fri 27-Jan no class in NYC
Week IV
Blogging: Shelby, Parker, Nieman
Mon 30-Jan Discussion of US auto oligopoly Why are price wars so unusual? Smitka-Warrian Chs 1-2
Wed 1-Feb Industry Dynamics Entry, Exit, Scale Smitka-Warrian Chs 1-2
Fri 3-Feb

Industry Continuity: The Wenzhou model.


  • Huang, Zuhui, Xiaobo Zhang, and Yunwei Zhu. 2008. “The Role of Clustering in Rural Industrialization: A Case Study of the Footwear Industry in Wenzhou.” China Economic Review 19(3): 409–20.
  • Shen, Xiaoxiao, and Kellee S. Tsai. 2016. “Institutional Adaptability in China: Local Developmental Models Under Changing Economic Conditions.” World Development 87: 107–27.
Week V
Blogging: Krasner, Kirchner, Judge
Mon 6-Feb No Class in Detroit
Wed 8-Feb No Class in Detroit
Fri 10-Feb Guest Speaker: Michael Murphree Murphree, Michael, and Dan Breznitz. 2017. A New Take on Economic Development in China’s Pearl River Delta. University of South Carolina and University of Toronto. early working paper version.
Week VI
Blogging: Jones, Embrey, Ellis
Mon 13-Feb Discussion of Murphree
Vertical Issues: Double Marginalization
Wed 15-Feb Horizontal Issues Are Mergers Sensible?
Fri 17-Feb Deterrence: Fringe Firms, Capacity Strategies 2×2 Games
Washington Break
Week VII
Blogging: Childress, Bannister, Aeschliman
Mon 20-Feb
Wed 22-Feb
Fri 24-Feb
Blogging: Zheng, Watson, Tucker
Mon 27-Feb
Wed 1-Mar
Fri 3-Mar
Week IX
Blogging: Shelby, Parker, Niemann
Mon 14-Mar
Wed 16-Mar
Fri 18-Mar
Week X
Blogging: Krasner, Kirchner, Judge
Mon 21-Mar
Wed 23-Mar Technology Models Push vs Pull vs Great Inventor = random Martin Ch 14
Fri 25-Mar Innovation Incentives Small Firms, Large firms, Arrow, Schumpeter Martin Ch 14
Week XI
Blogging: Jones, Embree, Ellis
Mon 28-Mar IPR: public goods, private goods definitions Martin Ch 15
Wed 30-Mar IPR: tradeoffs breadth & length Martin Ch 15
Fri 1-Apr IPR: adoption logistics curves, being trendy vs QWERTY Martin Ch 15
Week XII
Blogging: Childress, Bannister, Aeschliman
Mon 4-Apr
Wed 6-Apr Case Studies Gentex and entry deterrence handout / ppt
Fri 8-Apr Case Studies handout / ppt
Paper #4 Due: Reading [not drinking] Beer