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Why I need my hard drive

At times I travel to varied and sundry automotive suppliers, plus the occasional conference. So here’s why I need my hard drive.

FT Data on Broadband

Of course Rockbridge County is one of those gray zones; when it rains I tend to lose internet access. Furthermore, in Japan broadband is almost universal – and therefore it’s unavailable to travelers. Some hotels have internet, some do not. In general coffee shops and other places to sit do not. The places that do offer access require you to log in through your Japan-based cell phone, and travelers can’t get phones, you have to sign a contract that requires local residence (all in the name of suppressing crime, and as a by-product lessening competition).

So I cannot work without a hard drive. Indeed, I download all my email rather than leaving it on the server…so that I can read old emails and answer without needing an internet connection. I lived in the era before hard drives, and have no desire to retrogress.