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Blog Topic List

Suggested topics: not a complete list!!

Econ 243 Blog Post Topics: name
Cost structure of beer: go to financial statements of Molson Coors
Auto Supplier Cartel: what’s happened?
Diamonds: de Beers monopoly, then (Russia) cartel, now??
Diamonds: advertising: “Diamonds are Forever”
operating systems: a natural monopoly? Windows versus Apple
gaming platforms: a natural monopoly? Nintendo and so on
Market power in the power market: electricity
Is beer “Beer”: lite versus real beer: Kim, Minki, and Hailey Hayeon Joo. “What Makes You Grab Low Carb Beers?” Applied Economics 46.13 (2014): 1526–1534.
Is beer “Beer”: craft beer versus macrobrewed pisswater
Is beer “Beer”: brewpubs as vertical integration by restaurants
Mergers: What happens to Miller?
Mergers: What happens to Africa?
Steel: is steel “Steel”? market segments and substitutability
Steel: BOF versus …
Steel: EAF versus basic steel
Steel: iron ore: do it yourself or buy?
Steel: scrap: do it yourself or buy?
Superbowl Ads
Franchising: Subway
Franchising: GM dealerships
Über vs Yellow Cab
 NEW: Oil price war?
 NEW: Durable goods: price interactions of new and used goods
 NEW: Durable goods: what happens if diamond prices fall?
 NEW: Should Russia sell less natural gas?
NEW: How many brands can a market support? BMW Mini, Toyota Scion, Fiat in the US market
NEW: store brands vs name brands: strategic issues