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Blog Topics

You may but don’t need to choose a topic from the list. It will at least serve as a starting point. There are lots of topics that use an individual company as a “foil” for developing an analytic issue. I find articles in Bloomberg BusinessWeek and the Economist helpful; see also the blogs listed on the right, and recent news stories via

  • diamonds: as durable goods: are they forever?
  • diamonds and Mothers Day: advertising and the creation of “new traditions”
  • iPhone vs Apple: one-product company?
  • Superbowl ads and beer: Prisoners Dilemma: Play or lose, yet play and don’t gain
  • franchising: how franchisers can abuse
  • franchising: how franchisees can abuse
  • Microsoft: Office vs Windows: bundling
  • Platform models: Betamax
  • Platform models: Microsoft vs Apple
  • Platform models: gaming systems
  • product differentiation: Wendys vs Burger King vs Hardees vs Cookout vs …
  • product differential: fashion cycles
  • product differentiation: automotive model changes
  • durable goods: can there be a monopoly when goods last a long time?
  • concerts: how do bands make their money?
  • movie theaters: how do they make their money? what does that imply about movie distributor contracts with theaters?
  • used cars vs new
  • IT and car dealership profits
  • business models in “craft” brewing: brewpubs vs microbreweries
  • renewable power: cf. Feb 25 Economist: does success kill the industry?
  • learning curve and semiconductor “fabs” (manufacturing)
  • productivity and jobs: oil drilling
  • luxury goods: many and varied topics
  • branding and pot