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Blog Topic List

Put your name in the topic you want to do. Specify a M, W or F by which you will do it. Check that no one else has picked that date. [To keep brief, fill in as per this: W10.14 or M10.19 day/date.]

TOPIC Who does? What date?

Blog topic A: Blue Lab business model: To whom do they sell? What share of sales are direct to customer?

 Hugh Gooding  F 10/23

Blog topic B: SABMiller China: go to their financial statements and websites. What is their “footprint” like?

 Jamie Harrington
 M 11/9

Blog topic C: Nucor Steel: what are they doing in Louisiana [also in Trinidad]? What’s different? How might that change their business model?

 Andrew White  F 10/30

Blog topic D: Mexico: what has happened to the beer industry in Mexico in the past 10 years? Who are the major players, who owns whom and so on.

Brennan Haley  F10.23

Blog topic E: Brew pubs: what is their business model? is it the same as a microbrewery such as Devil’s Backbone?

 Wyatt Devine  M 10.19

Blog topic F: What are the substitutes for beer? ← → If not beer, what are people drinking?

 Griffin Johns  W 10.14

Blog topic G: US Steel: go to their financial statements and websites. What is their “footprint” like?

 Henry Waite  M 10.19

Blog topic H: steel in China: trends over the past 5 years. who makes, who buys, is that changing?

Ford Martin  M  10.19

Blog topic I: upstream beer: hops!

 Jack Christensen
 W 10.28

Blog topic J: upstream steel: iron ore, what’s up (or down)?

 Michael Fitzgerald
 F 10.30

Blog topic K: beer advertising: informative or persuasive?

 Kieran McQuilkin
 W 11.04

Blog topic L: steel: substitutes, particularly automotive?

 Tyler Kaelin
 W 11.11

Blog topic M: upstream steel: where does scrap metal come from?

 Wyatt Devine  F 11.13

Blog topic N: SABMiller in Africa: is it a different market that presents entry barriers?

 Katie Pettit  M 10.26

Blog topic O: entry barriers in steel? trade in a global industry

 Jack Christensen
 M 11.30

Blog topic P: beer: to what extent are microbrewers differentiated in their product(s)? if so, how (and as important, how not)?

 Sam Wilson  W 11.4

Blog topic Q: beer: entry barriers. Can/will there be another Boston Brewing Co.?

 Jordan Missal  W 11.11

Blog topic R: update on ArcelorMittal

 Ford Martin
 W 12.02

Blog topic S: steel tech licensing

Hugh Gooding
M 11.16

Blog topic T: Tech: Hot Stamping

Haley Brennan W 12.04

Blog topic U: Tech: Canning Beer

Sam Wilson
W 11.18

Blog topic V: Tech: Tailor Welded Blanks

Andrew White
W 11.18

Blog topic W: Copyrights: Budweiser in Eastern Europe vs Anheuser-Busch

Henry Waite
M 11.16

Blog topic X: Barley in Europe

Katie Pettit
W 11.18

Blog topic Y: Brazil & iron ore: sellers

Kieran McQuilkin
M 12.04

Blog topic Z: Beer Packaging: 6-packs vs growlers vs …

Griffin Johns
W 11.06

Blog topic AA: craft beer update

Jordan Missal
done 9.24

Blog topic AB: beer advertising: do all lose in the superbowl?

Jamie Harrington
W 11.02

Blog topic AC: Warrian on steel

Michael Fitzgerald
Tu 12.08

Blog topic AD: merger sense? FCA & GM

Tyler Kaelin
done 10.07