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Fall 2015

I will finalize texts for the fall in the next week or two, and post here with ISBN’s for those who wish to order online. [If you do that via Amazon, please use “” and designate “United Way of Rockbridge” as the recipient charity!]

Books in this general subject area include “Industrial Organization” ones, which begin from an economist’s basic models of firms and competition, and “Economics of Strategy” ones, which provide relatively little analysis of product differentiation. bundling and other topics. Most of the strategic decisions within firms, however, revolve around product pricing and positioning, not “grand” gaming relative to 1 or 2 rival firms. So with 90+% probability I will (re-use) an “Industrial Organization” text by Martin text. The alternatives are either technically challenging, such as the wonderful Belleflamme & Peltz book that however uses multivariable calculus on almost every page, or are comparable but much more expensive “Economics of Strategy” and “Industrial Organization” texts.

Note the “archives” includes the syllabi & schedules from previous iterations of the course.

I will incorporate at least one case study (of the US beer industry) and possibly a second (on the steel industry). I will use the occasional auto industry example, but this course is not at all the same as my Spring auto industry course that in May 2016 will again include a trip to Detroit.