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A New Year’s surprise for me, Just out today on Amazon, so in time for this term. I’ve been increasing the technology component with each iteration of the course, this term will be no exception.

  • Mike Smitka & Peter Warrian, A Profile of the Global Auto Industry: Innovation and Dynamics. Business Expert Press, 2016. Paperback ISBN 978-1631572968, ASIN (eBook) B01MS2ALIU.

I do not require a standard textbook, but you can find used copies of several online, and I encourage you to pick one up. Old editions are fine, all have presentations of our core graphical/algebraic models, some are more thorough, case studies vary. These and other texts have far, far more material than we can cover in our 12-week term. Here are two suggestions:

  • Luis Cabral, Introduction To Industrial Organization, MIT Press, 2000.
  • Stephen Martin, Industrial Organization in Context, Oxford University Press, 2010.
  • There are also books by Victor and Carol Tremblay; Pepall and Richards; and Waldman and Jensen.
  • An outstanding but very challenging book that emphasizes pure theory is Paul Belleflamme and Martin Peitz, Industrial Organization: Markets and Strategies, Cambridge University Press, 2015. If you’re thinking of graduate school in economics, you should pick this up. I’d be happy to help you work through some of the extensions they develop of the basic models that we will examine in class, though that might best be done as an independent study some subsequent term.