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InBev expanding selection

After reporting 3rd quarter profits for this year, InBev released preliminary plans to add 2 new beers to its lineup.  The potentials are Budweiser “Black Crown” and “Beck’s Sapphire”, which both have 6% alcohol, like Bud Light Platinum.  Craft beers often have alcohol content around 6% so it appears as if InBev is trying to halt further market share losses to the fringe firms.

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  1. peaseley peaseley

    If InBev can successfully produce popular “micro-brewery-type” beers can the true microbreweries stand a chance. WIth the CEO’s cost cutting ability can use their extra profit to market and expand the sale of their beers. While they cannot gain advantage by charging a different price than a beer like Devil’s Backbone, advertising and marketing can still make a huge difference.

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