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Educational Discounts

Step 1. Open your browser and go to Google. Step 2. Begin typing do a barrel roll.


If you thought that was cool then Google’s new program to give away unlimited drive storage accounts to .edu email accounts is super cool. The average person will think nothing of this but Google is not average. They are extraordinary.

Offering this scheme will forever change the future of technology. Computers will fundamentally change. Hard Drives will be a thing of the past and we will instead upload and share our files over cloud like mediums or streaming services. I’ll never have to hear about crashed hard drives again, but also will have peace of mind knowing my files are secure from the latest malware attack, let alone Ebola, all hidden beneath a layer of Google proof security. Google will make a googillio amount of money off processing, all of my hardware data and its a perfect pairing mechanism that is future proof. I think it’s a great idea and I am all aboard. But for the skeptics out there its a bearish short on Western Digital and Seagate. And naked call on the Google and the NSA.



  1. For now they may offer this service at a steep discount. But for how long? And what of people who lack fast internet connections? The US is woefully behind the rest of the world as a whole in connectivity. Then there’s the issue of whether you trust Google.

    Look up ‘price discrimination’ and think about whether this is so revolutionary. You’ll find that even Microsoft followed a similar pricing policy.

  2. Liz Liz

    While I do believe that cloud storage may be the wave of the future this type of technology seems to pose a threat to security. Recently there was a major hack into iCloud which was a huge breach of privacy for many people. Although you are talking about Google and this incident was through Apple, these two companies are competitors and the iCloud and Google Drive seem to be essentially the same technology. Doesn’t that leave Google vulnerable for the same kind of attack? Do you think that this recent attack on iCloud will deter people from using the cloud or Google Drive? If so that may cause Google to have to start charging for space. Will people continue to use these cloud type storages for their confidential documents when there is a risk of information being stolen? Credible commitment is important for a company to run smoothly – how can these companies guarantee better security?

  3. Alexander Dawejko Alexander Dawejko

    I’m not sure if Google’s security is impenetrable. Our government has its websites hacked on an almost daily basis. If everyone had their information in one place it is vulnerable no matter how tough their security is to crack. The pay off for getting into information like that will be more than enough incentive for a hacker.

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