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Politics course blog

Hey guys (and girl),

I wrote an “Expert Blog” for my politics course. It has to do with the lobbying industry and its effects on the political system. It also talks about the healthcare industry (Probably the most relevant part for our class). Give it a read if you have the time.

Best, Alexander T. Dawejko

link: Interestgroups

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  1. buchanan buchanan

    “If business is deciding everything, what is the motive? The goal of a logical firm is to maximize profit (private firm) or to maximize shareholder’s equity (public company).”
    -What about the personal inventives from management and board members? Can we reduce the motives of every individual within a large and dynamic business machine to profit maximization? Early in the term it was noted that company growth (Amazon), climbing corporate ladders (every ambitious management personnel), driving financial market prices (banks, CEOs), etc. might offer competing incentives to profit maximization, and could nullify some of the proceeding points.
    -While regulation is obviously a barrier to entry, is it the FDA that creates this barrier to entry, or perhaps the potential for private litigation that could cripple a company? Similarly, might private litigation that the FDA protects against? Or is it private litigation that medical license programs like the American Medical Association protect against? Is one more efficient than another? Do we need all three? Perhaps the combination is what breaks the camel’s back in terms of barriers to entry.

    My first thoughts, thanks for posting.

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