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  1. morganb18 morganb18

    I was curious to see if South American beer was any different than American or European beer. I found that their is a beer called “Chicha” which is brewed with corn rather than barley or wheat. This type of beer is very popular in South and Central America. I remember that there was some talk about early brewers using corn to brew their beer, but they eventually thought it was a poor ingredient for beer and opted instead for barley. My Spanish is pretty rusty so I couldn’t tell whether this beer was of the Chicha variety or was similar to western beers, but I’m curious to know how this beer tastes differently from our idea of beer. The individual from my source brewed his own version of Chicha and said that it can take on many different flavors, but that the corn flavor comes through pretty strongly no matter what you pair it with.


    • mikesmitka mikesmitka

      In Africa a variety of grains are used. Maybe Prof Blunch or Prof Tallie in History or Prof Dickovick in Politics can speak to that, or the Presidential Advisor, Prof Wubah. I don’t know the students from Africa, but there are several on campus.

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